If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.


Terrorist Spies

I found out whether I believe in evil terrorists reconnoitring for their next target.

Rather to my surprise, it appears that I do.

At 06:50 I saw a clean-looking man in a hi-vis vest photographing an iconic tower, leaning back to get the upper parts in. After a few shots he hopped into a clean-looking, unmarked refuse lorry waiting at the curb and his mate drove him away. The photograph, the building just didn't hang together with the refuse lorry, and everything was really much too clean, so I noted the number of the lorry, and when I got to work, I wrote it all down.

I wasn't too happy with claiming that it was a terrorist planning exercise, though, so I tried it on a few people to see how it sounded. But I couldn't persuade myself it was even slightly normal and so I dropped it on the Met's reporting site.

Am I perhaps an hysterical old bat?

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