If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.


Ballistic Brown

This story feels like it's being pushed by someone hostile. But I see it -- and trust it as far as -- any other dodgy authentication issue. It's only OK for a bullying hotline to trust your word about your identity if all they'll do is give advice.

Because otherwise it allows callers to build a slanderous paqper trail.

The only reason i don't believe this actually is a long-planned operation to discredit the PM is that no-one could possibly have imagined that the woman would be daft enough to go public.


Safety First

I don't believe the LHC will bring the universe to an end when they switch on the second beam and start getting relativistic collisions. The energies are simply too low.
But just for safety's sake, I'm testing the scheduled posting feature in Blogger. I had this story booked to go for Christmas morning 2008 when I figured they'll be running both beams by the end of December.
But they broke it and broke it again. The latest news I have (18/10/2009) is it'll be running early in the new year, so Valentine's Day is a safe bet.