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Cider Outcomes

Well, the cider took. The mostly-Bramley fermented nicely to produce a splendid but very strong and tart drink by Christmas. The brew from the mostly-Spartan was slow to start and hasn't conditioned as well, and is indeed rather bland but just as strong and it softens the Bramley rather well. They're both still improving and drink very nicely in a fifty fifty blend in the glass.

Key point one seems to be that a pressure barrel is well worth the expense. Neither brew is as good after going flat in the fridge. And the second is that fining doesn't seem to make much difference -- it threw a lot of sediment but it was still cloudy. The unfined Bramley brew is probably the clearer of the two now.

The truly shocking thing is how much the supermarket bill has gone down after I started drinking homebrew. That decline in revenue is probably why Alastair had to put the booze tax up in the budget.

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