If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.


What Security Angle?

We're just starting a weekly reward scheme for the less mad son -- he gets a trip to the pool or the pictures, guaranteed, if the week's Kumon has been done without too much pain. So we went to see Cars.

It's good. Better than Nemo or The Incredibles As good as Monsters Inc. or Toy Story II though less dense than either, and perhaps that's just total confidence peeping through after fifteen or twenty years.

I'm a simple person, and I loved the jokes -- the scenery, the governor of California (was that a cameo?), casting Jeremy Clarkson as the odious Harv, and I suspect I missed a bunch of stuff in race organisation and commentary. And the story was heartwarming if somewhat daft -- my heart is perennially cold and I like it warmed up.

One thing that struck me was that the animators are just showing off now. There's a logical next step coming, though I don't know if Pixar will take it. Somebody's going to make a movie where animation is a detail of the production -- not chosen to create a fantasy world or to let the characters do impossible things, but simply because they can't be arsed to deal with real actors and locations, and the audience won't notice the difference. I wonder what it'll be? (Hope it's not porn -- that would be sad.)

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