If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.


Business Continuity (Because it does continue)

It seemed appropriate to spend the day looking over the new DR site. Unlike the current site, it's a long way out of town and the reason for that is five years old.

No particular agenda. Joined in one of the project meetings, nosed about the machine hall, asked about the physicals. Really, all I need is for the team to know that I care, that I'm interested, and to hear me praise what I can.

Because I haven't been praising it all. I've been in this role two years, and still people offer me solutions which are absolutely barking. This lot wanted to run plaintext ethernet through the switched infrastructure of the DR supplier and install our servers and network in cabinets in the shared machine hall. We're getting a cage, screed to screed, and the supplier's LAN is a red network.

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