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Ten Presents.

Comedy Dave is nine today. He's still a bit vague about age, but he has definitely grasped the concept of presents.

Starting about a month ago, with "One Present -- Piccadilly Line DVD" he has built up a gruffly declarative recitation which reached a climax of "12 Presents....". I think he genuinely began to wonder whether he had over-reached himself, anyway it stabilised at ten and he committed it to a printed list.

David being David, it was mostly driver's eye train videos and train sets. What he did put in was some Leap Pad books. He's had them for years, he's completely destroyed the printed templates, but he still plays the cartridges, placing the stylus from memory. He's so skillful, but he's well aware that the experience is missing something and he wants it back.

This has been the most consistently intentful communication that the more mad son has ever made. We got him everything possible. We've rewarded his communication -- and taught him pester power.

Apparently he was a bit shocked to discover that some presents weren't on the list, and the list itself wasn't entirely fulfilled. But he kept his composure, and settled down with the Flying Scotsman.

Party -- another surprising request -- tomorrow.

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