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A Secure Way with the Rabbits

The rabbit situation has got worse over the last two years. They used to be based in the brambles on the boundary, and stayed decently in the orchard. But increasingly frequent incursions have developed into a permanent problem -- there's a new warren under the garden hedge, and they've been all over the garden this season.

Rabbits aren't very bright, but they have a gourmand's appetite for the carefully tended, well-loved specimen. When they've eaten all the leaves, they did up the roots and eat those. There's plenty of grass if they're hungry -- it's just lust for variety.

When they dug up Mrs U's geraniums, they pushed her over a line. She got a specialist in. He said to leave it for the moment. He'll come back in the winter when it's easy to gas them in their burrows. In the mean time, we must get a terrier with the speed and turning circle to catch them and break their fragile rodent necks.

This sheds no light at all on dealing with Internet-hosted attackers. But I wish it did.

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