If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.



Less mad son wanted some company at bedtime this evening. He was in tears thinking about lost opportunities and moral failings in the past -- truly hideous unforgiveable errors:

  • Two years ago: Leaving a teddy bear -- originally his mother's -- to be chewed by the dog. (It was rescued. It was in bed with him as we spoke.)
  • Four years ago: Losing some plastic sandals on the beach at Paignton
  • Five years ago: Deliberately crushing snails while riding his bike
  • Six years ago: Losing a ballon inadequately tied to his pushchair

These are the things he remembers. Key points are a) There are no people in any of them, and b) someone (less mad son, me or his mother) got a little het up. So we talked about learning from errors, being kind to animals and not worrying about minor stuff that can't be changed and he was a little consoled.

He says he's been having these thoughts for a few days, but I think the real reason for this evening is that he dropped and broke his plasma ball lamp this afternoon. He was so frightened about what his mother would say that he ran outside to find me so that we could hide the evidence before she found out -- which we did.

Memo to self: go easy on warning less mad son of hideous consequences of leaving CDs out for Comedy Dave to find. 1) He knows, and 2) he's already torturing himself about it.

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