If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.



I finally got frustrated with the speakers on the attic PC, so I dug around in the garage to find an old Altec Lansing set -- two desktop speakers, and a floor-mounted powered subwoofer. It all smelled a bit mousy, but everything in that shed does. Got it indoors, wiped it down and set it up. The sound was no better, but the smell began to get much, much worse.

To cut a long story short, they were in the power supply. There were just the two corpses, and I think the rat poison got to them long before I powered it up, but piss, decay fluids, oak leaves, shredded rag and half eaten acorns made a fine combination. The sound tubes were a convenient mousy route in and out. I opened the box, cleaned it out with meths and an air duster, put it all back together with sticky pads to replace the anti-rattle composition and the smell is much better now.

Still have to fix the audio quality.

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