If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.


It's a Dirty Job

Diane gets sex spam and she doesn't like it. She's sent up an offensive example.

Now I don't know why the filth heads toward her mailbox, but a quick look at her quarantine shows that there's plenty of raw ... offers ... being blocked. A closer look at the one that got through reveals the reason. There's not a single dirty or ambiguous word, it's barely even English:

If you are disappointed in its second half, bold, come in. I can do for you is - what can not no girl! enter here (a link).
Where's the harm in that? Well, it's obvious. Obvious to me and obvious to Diane too. But utterly undetectable to to the machine that's trying to keep solicitations out of her mailbox.

So I have to go down and tell the lady that her basic problem is her dirty, dirty mind.

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