If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.



Just for fun, this is this is the exact text of a paragraph that Mrs U persuaded the more mad son to commit to Notepad:

On, 20th March 2010, I'm can Building the Farmhouse, I'm can Digging and Building the Pond for the Mallard Ducks and Ducklings, Runner Ducks and Ducklings, and Call Ducks and Ducklings, Khaki Campbell Ducks and Ducklings, and the Duck House, Muscovy Ducks and Ducklings. On, 11 April 2010, I'm Can Building the Dog Kennel with Mummy, Daddy, [LMS name], and [NMAAJSD name], and Take my Camera, Hammer, Drill, Spanner, and Tools, and the Bricks, and the Roof
The ducks are a long-lived interest, but this is mostly about Bob. Building is the thing: he's been talking about plans like these for a while and I think it's got worse since last weekend when we spent a happy session with hammer, screwdriver, assorted fasteners and some scrap wood.

If it all seems a tad ambitious, well yes. But it's not as bad as his plan for 2011 which is a DLR extension, or 2020 which is completion of the HS2 link. That's the trouble with Infrastructure projects -- they take so long.

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