If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.


Mental Health Warning

You never learn anything good about yourself when you read other people's diaries or emails. But we routinely ask managers to look at leavers' emails to ensure nothing gets missed. I think we'll carry on doing that, but it looks like we need to start each permission with a mental heath warning.

This week a manager reading a leaver's email found a disobliging reference to herself from another member of her team. Sort of understandable as there was no subject line so she couldn't avoid reading it, but perplexingly she's straight off to HR on the fifth floor.

It's perplexing because if I discovered that my team thought I was a CNUT -- their spelling -- I don't think I'd be going to HR, not as the first stop anyway. I'd be keeping it dead tight, so that being disliked as a manager didn't count against me next review time... and spend the time finding ways to punish the cunt.

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