If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.


Obvious Really

I'm not interested in concealing my identity, exactly, but I don't put my real name on these because any security writing that uses real-life examples will sometimes be about Fail, even if it's Fail rectified, and who wants to go public about their own employer's Fail?

Even so, I've always been circumspect about what I say because I've felt that the intersection of the things I talk about -- Kent, Finance, Computer Security, Old man -- is going to be a pretty sparse set. Anyone who cares could find out who I am.

So it's interesting to see Schneier blogging about some research from PARC. Apparently the end-points of a regular commute are sufficient to identify a huge proportion of people. Pretty much all that required is that the granularity is fine enough for people to be working in a different zip, county or whatever from the one they live in.

I'll be more careful in future. I have a plan.

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