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Voter Insecurity

It hardly matters, but on the whole, and despite even Sarah Palin, I somewhat prefer the idea of President McCain. The other guy is just so -- well -- young. As well as being a lifetime politician.

If McCain loses, well, that's just what the polls were saying. It's easy to accept unsurprising results.

But if he wins, I won't know what to think. The trouble I have is that I just don't believe in the integrity of the US voting system. Why do you need a machine to vote with? It seems as though the sole purpose is to create opportunities to bugger it up, with ballot layouts designed to fit around punch cards, more-or-less functional touch screens and the Dear knows what else.

It seems that some counties actually have voting machines where the votes only exist as totals on a CF card. That's OK for money: You can audit against the books of first entry. But ballot papers -- the petty cash slips of the political world -- are just missing from conventional PC based voting machines.

So I'm hoping for a landslide, because I don't think the USA needs another argument about who truly won.

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