If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.


The Current Status of the Pound

I'm writing this on 28/10 but I'm back-posting to the day it happened, right in the middle of the (first?) UK banking turmoil.
I had occasion to use the toilet in the headquarters of a big four bank. As I reached for the paper I noticed a little blemish on the white(ish) sheet. Being unsqeamish about this sort of thing, I gave it a little scratch and a shred of coloured paper came away on my finger nail. I pushed back my specs for a closer look and found a tiny fragment of a £10 Bank of England note -- barely a millimetre across, but the engraving and colour so fine as to be unmistakeable. That bank had been wiping their collective arses on thousands of pounds in fine rag paper -- and they never knew.
I do wonder whether it's co-incidence, or whether support from the BoE comes with an unpublished obligation to help them get rid of their pulp....

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