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The Truths of Astrology

I am sometimes praised, mostly by me, sometimes by him or her, but very rarely by Them. So, this afternoon when I was very deliciously, loudly and fulsomely praised by the lovely ladies on the admin desk, swiftly joined by the very gorgeous customer service head, apparently with no motive other than to publicise my wonderful personal qualities, I was a bit perplexed. In fact I couldn't restrain myself from wondering what their collective game was. (And I still don't know)

I got a glimpse through the mists, though, on the way home. My horoscope in the thelondonpaper which they won't have seen, is absolutely explicit. It looks like a good weekend -- at least as a test of newspaper horoscopy.

How? Well, it couldn't be more obviously about me, and I have got -- as it happens -- a fine project to throw myself into and a number of things that need to come together. There's even a defined timescale.

We shall see.

UPDATED: 22:34 Saturday -- I assembled a chicken coop with plenty of flair, and energetically picked fruit in the hedgerows, but nothing yet.

UPDATED 21:53 Monday -- Overall the weekend has passed off like many others -- on Sunday I mowed the lawn, cut wood, picked apples... So it looks like a clear loss for astrology -- it got the right guy, but gave the wrong advice. And yet. At 3AM today, I woke with a clear sensation of being outside in a lightning flash with the roar still echoing in my ears. I was so terrified that I would not have been surprised to find myself blind with a Voice asking "umacf24, umacf24 why do you persecute me?" As it was, I shook with terror as I made my way to the toilet and then shook with terror in bed until I fell asleep. I don't think it was real lightning -- I'm too far from the window for it to have that effect. But as a way to bring things together in a rather intriguing way, it totally sucked. So I call this a draw.

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