If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.


Pain Allergy

I didn't do any hedging today. Last Sunday I was tidying up a monster hawthorn stool and a branch whacked me in the head, leaving me with a dirty great big thorn stuck in my scalp.

It didn't infect, but my inability to remove it -- I couldn't see it -- resulted in a sequence of increasingly desperate requests for help as the lump went down and the splinter made itself increasingly uncomfortable. It ended in the Barts Minor Injuries unit with a nurse on each side of the couch each pressing hard on her side of the lump while one of them used a free hand to wield the forceps.

Some people would pay for that, but for me, before I go back, I'm getting one of these. In the mean time, I had a happy day trying out my new compressor.

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