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Only a year old

First encounter with a Vista installation today -- a factory fresh Compaq.

  • Loved UAC -- it's definitely the future (that is, it's as good as sudo, so Windows has caught up with 1985 flavours of Unix.)
  • Loved how the compatibility with DOS3.3 is way better than W2K (don't ask.)
  • Hated the difficulty of finding where to give the Ethernet adapter a static IP address (got there in the end though)
  • Hated that the integrated Intel graphics with an experience index of 3.3 couldn't make Aero look like anything better than Ubuntu with a translucent theme on a mobile Pentium
  • Hated -- really hated -- having to wait for a dual-core 1GB laptop to pop up a printer property box or move some files. How sad. Maybe SP1 will sort it out.
In the meantime, the Dell I bought a few weeks ago turns out to be the ideal XP machine. So that's where it's staying.

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