If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.


Physical Insecurity

A frisson walking across the fields on my way home this evening -- that lively sound of bullets wheeling past my head. It wasn't a demented assassin emerging from my ugly past -- the faint red light gave it away as an incompetent lamper with a silenced rifle killing rabbits behind Forstal farm. He carried on firing as I walked out of danger even though I was shining my torch at his likely location. Once I'd got to the safety of the lane I walked along to find out what was going on, and encountered a man claiming to be Shay Harbour(?) He knew about the footpath, he said, and thought his line of fire would be OK.

Any more of that sort of thing, and I'm getting a 50mW green laser and a night vision scope -- after this shone down his bins he'd be hard put to tell up from down, let alone fire his weapon.

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