If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.



Anyway, yes Holiday time in the very wonderful Isle of Wight. If you've got odd ASD children, you probably should be booking about now for one of next years Freedom Family week at East Dene. Why? a) Ventnor is a smashing little seaside resort. If you like walks, there are lovely walks there and back, or to Shanklin. b) The IoW railway will engage any train fiend, especially if you go all the way to the end of the pier, and it connects with steam trains if that's your bag. c) If you prefer to do nothing, the outdoor pool is heated, attended and open for hours a day. Most ASD kiddywinks and their siblings will play happily and tiringly in the pool for hours, and if they don't want that, there are activities most days. d) The air and views are conducive to a feeling of irrepressible well-being. e) It's catered. If you've been driven to self catering just to avoid the odd looks, it's amazingly wonderful not to have to hit the supermarket, look for pepper or whatever.

But none of that matters, because the real colossal advantage is is that however weird, badly behaved or just plain crazy your kiddies are, other children are crazier. Howls like a gibbon in the swimming pool? No problem. Unreliable judgement on wearing trousers? Don't we all. Turds on the staircarpet? Got to do it somewhere. True for all the other guests, true for staff. Amazingly relaxing, even if you're sleeping in a bunk and eating canteen food.

As a bonus you get to meet all the other odd children. Other people's kiddies are always more fun (because you get to hand them back) but this year I had the odd sensation that I was meeting children who were amazing. That's not a conventional wishy-washy feelgood disabled rights amazing, but absolutely fuck-off precocity and ability. Some were diagnosed, and some were slightly dodgy "we think he's all right" siblings. Amazing. I wish I could publish a list of names to watch out for because some of those kiddies are going far.......

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