If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.


The Show

Infosec at Olympia this week and a fine show. The firms are still sorting out who gets a separate stand after all the mergers over the year.

The best novelty for me was Lockdown Networks with a box that watches for "port-up" events on your switches and makes VLAN choices based on what's plugged in. Printer? Put it on the printer LAN. Computer, no agent? Put it on the Contractor Convenience LAN. Looks like a real labour saver.

Still a very fragmented world, though. The nearest approach to a theme is that all the vulnerability and event scanners are putting workflow/annotation/presentation tools into their products. It's only after you buy these things that you discover that raw automatic events are unusable, and this is the vendors' first cut at making them useful.

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