If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.



Running Adsense is more interesting than you would expect:

  • I can speak freely, because I know that no-one -- literally nobody except me -- is reading this. That's not a gloomy observation based on absense of comments and feedback: It's hard fact taken from from the excellent hit records that Adsense provides. If I had a website (I don't), and I was lazy (I am) I'd put up an Adsense block just to get free analytics.
  • The algorithm used to target ads is excellent. I know this because I keep wanting to click on them. In the same way that cannibalism ought to be the best diet, the adsense Ads on one's own blog ought to be consistently enticing, and they are (though I could do with a bit more hedging/forestry). It's really quite frustrating (Adsense subscribers know why).

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