If you tell enough stories, perhaps the moral will show up.


Authentically Spooky

Well, I was walking home along the lane last night -- I'd just passed a batch of trick-or-treaters -- when I heard a cat calling. I couldn't see it though, until we passed the neighbour's lamp.

I crouched down to stroke her and ask her name and she circled me, rubbing my legs and crooning. She was big, black and shiny, the blackest cat I ever saw, with yellow eyes and she liked me enough to follow me home.

She was through the door as soon as it opened and making herself at home nosing around the kitchen. Mrs U fed her but drew a line when she started to explore the beds updstairs. The kitten scarpered, the more mad cat maintained a glaring distance and Fleabag just kept out of the way. I canvassed the lane, but no-one knew where she came from. I made her a bed in the freezer room -- warmer than it sounds -- and put her in it so she knew where it was, but I don't know if she stayed.

For maximum Halloween effect, she ought to have vanished by morning, but at 05:10 she picked me up by the gate and follwed me down the lane and halfway across the field, calling all the way. I hope she goes back indoors.

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